Stone Soup Corvallis, Inc. can only thrive with volunteers. Now that the kitchens and dining rooms are opening again, we need volunteers to serve meals and beverages, do dishes, and set-up and clean-up.  We also need volunteers to support the administrative tasks of Stone Soup Corvallis.

All volunteers must be fully vaccinated and masks are optional. Stone Soup is asking all volunteers to be mindful of COVID-19 risks so no one brings COVID-19 into our spaces. We cannot guarantee the safety of our volunteers. Jobs are available for those who choose not to work in the kitchens. 

Volunteering at a Meal Site

Short- and long-term commitments or one-time opportunities for volunteering are available. Each of the following sites has a volunteer available to explain your job duties.

  • First Christian Church: Meals are served on Tuesday (dinner), Saturday (brunch), and Sunday (dinner). 

  • St. Mary's Catholic Church: Meals are served on Monday (dinner), Wednesday (lunch), and Friday (lunch). 

  • First Congregational United Church of Christ: Meal is served Thursday (dinner).

To volunteer, send an email to Andrea at stonesouphelp@gmail.com

Andrea will try to match you to an opening and send you information about job duties and safety protocols. During COVID-19, we welcome on-site adult volunteers 17 years and older who are fully vaccinated. Vaccinated youths 14-16 years can volunteer with a parent or guardian. Volunteers are also needed off-site in the administrative aspects of Stone Soup Corvallis, Inc. 

Volunteering for Stone Soup Corvallis, Inc.

We welcome your interest and willingness to volunteer for Stone Soup. We also need people willing to work behind the scenes, in record-keeping, purchasing, coordinating, organizing, reporting, communicating, gleaning, and on special projects. Our volunteers are all ages and from many walks of life. All have an important role in providing a free daily meal for our hungry neighbors, and all contribute richly to our community's awareness of its vulnerable citizens.

If you are interested in volunteering for other work at other times, email us and tell us your interest and/or skills:  stonesouphelp@gmail.com

Board of Directors

Nominate someone for the Board of Directors.

Apply for the Board of Directors.

Learn about the Board of Directors Responsibilities and Expectations


Guidelines for Volunteers

Stone Soup is a volunteer organization and a partner agency with Linn-Benton Food Share. We are required to follow rules and regulations set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) and the Benton County Environmental Health Department. All volunteers commit to respecting the dignity, privacy, and civil rights of our diners, and to promote and follow safe food handling practices. We value and respect all of our volunteers, and we provide these guidelines for our volunteers.  Stone Soup Corvallis, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Provider.